Our Services

Westminster Counseling Center provides pastoral counseling - care of the soul in a holistic context - to individuals and groups.

Pastoral counseling blends religion and theology with methods of contemporary and traditional psychology. It is rooted in a tradition of deep understanding from the perspective of faith and the varieties of human suffering and finds meaning in the complexity and ambiguity of life.

In addition to being licensed psychotherapists, pastoral counselors are typically ordained clergy and/or persons with advanced degrees in theology. Westminster Counseling Center's pastoral counselors are ordained clergy and/or persons with advanced degrees in theology and all are licensed mental health practitioners.

The counselors are committed to a vision of interfaith dialogue and collaboration that provides individuals,  families and faith communities with a healthy environment for education, understanding, healing and spiritual growth. Our ecumenical staff of licensed and ordained therapists integrates the spiritual and psychological dimensions of human experience during individual and group sessions.

The counseling staff meets weekly in case conference with a psychiatrist for feedback, supervision and consultation regarding medication and treatment. Westminster Counseling Center will refer clients needing multiple services to other social service providers in the region. This may include clients who require services addressing homelessness, financial debt and protection from domestic abuse.

Whatever the setting, the pastoral counseling relationship fosters a sacred space where you are encouraged to explore your past, look openly at the present, learn more about yourself and your life's environment, and find hope and healing for the future. We are dedicated to transforming mind and spirit.

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